Locksmith price How much does a Locksmith cost

Locksmith price: How much does a Locksmith cost?

What will you pay for a locksmith in Melbourne, including call out rates and work rates?

What is a locksmith’s call out fee?

Call out fees when you’ve locked yourself out of your home or vehicle varies a lot depending on location, type of lock and time of day. Call out fees are a minimum charge for coming out to you and will be anywhere between $35 and $150. Service on evenings, weekends or holidays can be as high as $150 to $250, particularly in high-priced or remote areas.

There are other services that locksmiths offer including new installations, changing locks, providing duplicate keys, supplying locks and more – the costs are similar for all services but usually when you’re hiring a locksmith for a planned event you won’t need to pay extra for late night call outs etc.

What is a locksmith’s hourly rate?

Some locksmiths work with an hourly rate, some charge based on the work that needs to be done regardless of how long it takes.

Where could there be extra costs?

If the job is tricky and requires drilling (for example if the previous lock is smaller), the job could take longer and be more expensive. Get quotes from at least 3 locksmiths and ensure that they are competitive. When you request a quote, try to give as many details as possible about what you need done (eg. the brand of lock and whether it’s a metal or wood door).

As mentioned above, costs will escalate if you’re in a remote or rich area and also after hours rates are higher.

Products or materials cost?

Most locksmiths prefer to supply the locks but you can also purchase locks and only pay for installation. Locks vary massively in price, depending on what kind you choose. Installing good locks is an important part of home safety.