How to Price Graphic Design Services

How to Price Graphic Design Services

Graphic designers and artists need to understand the value of their work, especially for who pursue freelance opportunities. When they trying to price graphic design services, they uaually consider the final value of a poster or web page, but this is only one consideration. It is important for freelancers and firm owners to price services accurately to avoid going out of business.

View the Price Lists for Comparable Products and Services

View the price lists for comparable products and services offered by competing design companies. You should review price lists from online design firms like Grantastic to keep your products from exceeding market value.

Run Proposed Projects Past Outside Contractors

Run proposed projects past outside contractors before supplying a final quote to a potential customer. The hourly rates for printers, painters and other specialists can drive up the expense of completing large marketing campaigns and publishing jobs.

Calculate the Costs

Calculate the costs of printer paper, paints, toner and other materials as you price your graphic design services. Divide the total material cost in half on purchases from suppliers like Good on Paper to shoulder some of the burden.

Analyze the Running Time

Analyze the running time for large-form printers, plotters and design equipment as you price your design services. Divide the total sales price for equipment through Robins Design by a portion of the project time to make up for equipment depreciation.

Request Exact Specifications

Request exact specifications from your clients before supplying final quotes to avoid wasted time and resources. Companies like Printing Images use detailed request forms to force clients to make decisions on paper dimensions, colors and other criteria.

Input the Hourly Rate of Employees into the Price Quote

Input the hourly rate of employees into the price quote for graphic design services. A good way to track the exact number of hours devoted to a specific project is dedicated project numbers used during computer log-in.

Offer Pre-set Packages for Basic Projects

Offer pre-set packages for basic projects to cut down on the time spent pricing services for individual clients. Most designers have established prices for black/white and single-color print materials that can be multiplied by the quantity needed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Assess the amount of work that a client will provide in the future as you price graphic design services. Clients who have a single project do not offer the benefits of repeat business and discounted bulk purchases from materials suppliers. Offer discounts at certain levels of work to increase the likelihood of additional projects.
  • Avoid losing business to competing firms by looking at your business volume during the proposal process. You should lower your prices during economic downturns to develop customer loyalty, while keeping your staff busy.