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How Much Does it Cost to Install Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is taking Adelaide by storm as an alternative to traditional timber flooring. Durable, sustainable and beautiful, it has an elegant appearance. There’s more to bamboo flooring than just “bamboo,” though, and the cost of the flooring and installation will depend on the product you buy.

What is Bamboo Flooring?

Technically, bamboo is a grass, unlike timber, it can’t simply be sawn into lengths, so until technology became available that made it possible to create wide planks, split bamboo flooring was the only type available. Widely used in Asian stilt houses, split bamboo was unsuitable for modern homes.

Bamboo is fast growing, tough and resilient. When the technology became available, it was an obvious choice for flooring. Three methods are currently used to manufacture bamboo flooring:

  • Hollow bamboo stems are cut into lengths and joined together with the outer shell facing up. Called a “horizontal structure”, this type of bamboo exposes the distinctive nodes that identify it as bamboo.
  • “Vertically structured” bamboo flooring exposes the inner layers to give a straight, uniform appearance.
  • Strand woven bamboo flooring is manufactured under high pressure. The finished product looks more like traditional timber flooring, with variations in the grain pattern.

All bamboo flooring is very tough, but strand woven bamboo is even tougher than vertically or horizontally structured bamboo.

Beechwood Bamboo Flooring from Arrowsun

Bamboo flooring can be purchased in either tongue and grooved lengths similar to traditional timber flooring or shorter “click lock” floating floor systems are also available.

Click lock bamboo flooring is often chosen by DIY renovators because it requires no glue or nails. For the same reason, it is cheaper to have professionally installed than tongue and groove flooring, which must be glued to the existing floor. Usually, little or no surface preparation is needed, but if it is, extra charges will apply.

What is Bamboo Flooring?

In most cases, bamboo flooring suppliers will quote for either supply only or supply and install. The installation cost of tongue and groove flooring can vary, depending on the quality of flooring material and the adhesive used to fix it to the floor. If you choose a click lock system, the type of underlay you choose will be a significant cost factor. One thing you won’t have to pay for if you choose bamboo is the cost of sanding and polishing the floor after installation. Unlike traditional timber flooring, bamboo flooring comes pre-stained and pre-finished.

Professional bamboo installers charge between $80 and $90 per square metre to lay bamboo flooring. The cost will include surface preparation, underlay installation, removal and replacement of skirting boards and laying the floor boards.

Most suppliers will give discounts for larger quantities of flooring. For example:

  • Up to 30 square metres of standard grade bamboo flooring might cost $55m2
  • 85 to 175 square metres of the same flooring might cost $50m2
  • 250 square metres or more can cost as little as $45m2

Chardonnay Bamboo Flooring from Arrowsun

When you get quotes for supply and installation of bamboo flooring, check the quotes carefully. Does “installation” include underlay and removal and replacement of skirting boards? What type of bamboo flooring is included in the quote? Bamboo flooring can vary considerably in quality, so don’t short-change yourself by paying a little less for poor quality flooring.